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Why Kaleido?

The Kaleido Story

Established in 2014, Kaleido Developments was created with the vision of developing unique communities in the GTA, with projects specializing in low-rise residential and commercial. Founder Dave Martino entered real estate development after many years in the mortgage brokerage business for several of the firm’s partners.


Our Mission

Kaleido partners with some of the leading vendors in the industry to ensure that it delivers a unique product of the highest quality to our prospective customers. Our vision is to learn from the way we lived in the past, thereby enabling us to create sustainable, long-lasting communities that reinvent the way we live in the future.

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Dave Martino - Founder & CEO

Dave Martino is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the many entities that make up the Kaleido family of companies, including Kaleido Developments, Kaleido Capital, and Kaleido Financial. These companies specialize in developing Real Estate and a variety of associated investments in Ontario. Building on their success, Dave founded and holds the position of President of the emerging Kaleido Trust, created to provide investors with long-term growth potential.

Along with managing the day-to-day operations of numerous successful businesses, Dave strives to positively impact the lives of those around him and in the local community. He accomplishes this through his inspirational work ethic, his dedication to volunteering, and his philanthropic endeavors which support local charities.

Dave’s drive to find and grow sound investment opportunities in the Real Estate Development sector has delivered successful and profitable projects for his clients and business partners while maintaining exceptional levels of professional customer service. Dave holds a Business Management Degree and Network Administrator Diploma from the DeVry Institute of Technology, has completed a Principal Mortgage Broker certification course, North American Dealers Academy certification course, and an Exempt Market certification course under the Ontario Securities Commission. Over the course of the last 25 years, Dave has maintained and continued his education in many related areas of business and his passion for motivation and Life Coaching.

Prior to founding Kaleido Developments, Dave founded Kaleido Financial and Kaleido Mortgage Admin. He was a licensed Mortgage Agent and Principal Broker under Kaleido Financial and continues to be a Licensed Mortgage Administrator with Kaleido Mortgage Admin, under the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). In 2011, he authored his first publication entitled “The Art of Selling, Mastering Influence”.

Dave has a passion for philanthropy work and over the years, he has been blessed with the ability to have great team members help him support great organizations such as the World Partnership Walk, Relay for Life, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Sick Kids, Emily’s House Hospice Centre and the Make a Wish Foundation.

His vision is simple, “shaping the future through inspiration, education and growth in the never-ending pursuit of excellence.”

Why invest in Kaleido Trust?


Our investments are intended to provide consistent cash flow to qualified investors like you with an opportunity to invest in a portfolio of properties. Given the expected population growth in the GTA over the next decade, demand for commercial and residential properties could continue to rise resulting in property price appreciation.

  • 5 properties currently held in the Trust 4 development projects with over 460 residential units and extensive commercial rental space; 1 stabilized rental

  • Located in highly desirable areas; Brampton, Oakville, Toronto, and Whitby

  • 2 properties with over 80 residential units to be completed and sold by Q3’21

  • 3 successfully completed large-scale mixed-use projects in Toronto, Brampton and King City