Invest in a diversified portfolio that spans across all projects, maximizing returns and minimizing risk. 



  • A successful track record

  • Accredited third party evaluators for appraisals

  • Limited use of leverage



Founded in 2014, Kaleido Developments is dedicated to rejuvenating neighborhoods through the development and construction of premium, beautifully designed commercial and residential communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Kaleido Developments partners with some of the best vendors in the industry to ensure that we deliver a unique product of the highest quality to our prospective customers and homeowners. Our vision is to learn from the way we live in the past, create innovative, sustainable, and long-lasting communities that reinvent the way we live in the future.

Our goal is to help people realize their dreams of owning the home of their dreams. At Kaleido Developments, we strive to blend premium design and build quality into each of our communities. Customer satisfaction is our priority with the Kaleido Developments experience.



Toronto is projected to continue to grow with demand for residential dwellings exceeding what the City has seen in the last ten years. Between 2016 and 2041,
Toronto’s natural growth is projected to be 1.03 million people - an annual average growth of 41,000. This projection exceeds the provincial target in the Places to Grow Act by almost 500,000 which represents excess demand of almost 220,000 households over that recognized by Places to Grow.

Our investments are intended to provide consistent cash flow to qualified investors like you with an opportunity to invest in a portfolio of properties. given the expected population growth in the GTA over the next decade, demand for commercial and residential properties could continue to rise resulting in property price appreciation.​ Our Real Estate Trust invests your money across all of our projects to maximize returns and minimize risks.


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